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Largest US Drug Siezure

In a record seizure for Customs and Border Protection, officers confiscated 254 pounds of fentanyl — enough for millions of potentially lethal doses — hidden in a cargo of cucumbers at a Nogales port of entry.


This is an emergency broadcast from Anonymous. This message is an urgent plea to get the word out about what is happening right before our eyes. We are in the most serious and dire situation, yet most people are oblivious as what is happening is intentionally being...

PSA: Saving the Children

You must know by now that something isn't right in this world. I'd like to say that times aren't what they used to be but from my perspective it's been like this my whole life. Rich people are getting richer and poor people are getting poorer. But it's so much darker...

7 Signs that JFK JR is Still Alive

Did JFK JR Fake his Death in 1999? A lot of people have been speculating that perhaps JFK JR may have faked his own death to plot against the deep state (a.k.a. Illuminati) and avenge his father's assassination.  Here are 7 reasons why:  These two Trump fans have...