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Did JFK JR Fake his Death in 1999?

A lot of people have been speculating that perhaps JFK JR may have faked his own death to plot against the deep state (a.k.a. Illuminati) and avenge his father’s assassination. 

Here are 7 reasons why:


#1 Is JFK JR Showing up at Trump Rallies in Disguise?

These two Trump fans have been showing up to several rallies and just happen to always be front and center behind Trump when he speaks. State-of-the-art image recognition software yields a greater than 90% match match as older versions of both  the late John F. Kennedy JR and his wife Carolyn Bessette

#2 This Guy Sounds Just Like JFK JR

In an interview of Trump supporter Vincent Fusca, you can hear he has the same voice and accent as JFK JR.

#3 Who is Vincent Fusca?

Many believe that the name Vincent Fusca is a pseudonym because the name Vincent is derived from the Latin name Vincentius, meaning: “conquering”. and The meaning of Fusca in Latin is dark, swarthy, dusky. Or “Conquering Darkness”. This would tie into the idea that John F. Kennedy Junior faked his own death to covertly seek vengeance of his father’s assassination which 7 in 10 people believe was a CIA conspiracy to stop the disclosure of secret societies ruling our nation.  

#4 Larry King’s interview of Trump

In an interview by Larry King of Donald Trump on October 8, 1999, about his bid to run for president, Larry King shares a letter that John F. Kennedy Junior wrote to give condolences to Trump about his father recently passing. When Larry King says the date of the letter: July 19, 1999, Trump confirms the date. John F. Kennedy Junior died July 16th, 1999. Three Days before he wrote this letter. Can dead men write letters?

#5 Fusca signs J-F-K J-R with his hand

At a Trump Rally, Vincent Fusca signs the initials J-F-K. He then looks over at the lady with him, presumably his wife, and she says: “don’t forget the J-R”. He then smiles and signs J-R.

#6 Is JFK JR linked to Qanon?

A popular, underground source from the dark web referred to as Q-anon and followed by millions drops many hints that not only is John F. Kennedy Junior alive, but that he might be Q-anon himself. More and more information is surfacing daily that proves Q-anon is working with Trump to abolish the deep state and their grasp on the world economy.

#7 Trump and JR were Friends

If you couldn’t tell from Trump’s interview by Larry King, he was good friends with John F. Kennedy Junior. If he was in fact alive and if he was in fact Q-anon and with so much evidence that Trump is working with Q-anon, it would make sense that these two have history. Also, did you notice Fusca always wears a fedora? Do you know who else frequently wore a fedora? John F. Kennedy. Coincidence?